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Catboy is a community led NFT project, founded and built, by comic, manga, anime, and pet lovers. This token is a symbol of the spirit, cohesion, and sharing of memes, manga and comic loving communities around the world. Besides building a strong community. Catboy cares about the real value that the project brings. Bringing Catboy merchandise, a Catboy NFT marketplace, and building a worldwide network of users to donate to feral cats and support struggling cat owners. Catboy NFT's will have three different variations that allow exclusive access to merchandise by holding these NFT's.

Explore Catboy Founder Edition

CatBoy Mystery Box

Each of the 18 different NFT founder edition characters in the Catboy universe has an exciting and unique background along with differing rarities based on the border of the card.

What Rarities inside/Drop Rate

Common - 50% Uncommon - 40% Rare - 8.9% Epic - 1% Legendary - 0.1%

Rates slightly increased when buying with Catboy Coin


Touma is an aspiring rock musician and sales rep for a mechanical engineering company. He's of average build and height with untamed purple hair, convincing pink eyes and a big confident deliberate smile. When he's not shamelessly plugging sub-standard aircraft parts to cheap investors, he's drinking, womanising and rocking out with his band. As great as he feels his life is going, he has recently been worried and began taking kick boxing lessons out of concern that some very upset and dangerous investors, demanding a refund from him personally, are going to pay him an unwanted visit.

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Ryota is a college student and full time carer of his troublesome younger sister, Akemi. He is a tall confident young man with silky green hair, a charming smile and an ambitious, creative demeanour.
Between studying, spending time with his girlfriend and trying to wrangle Akemi out of trouble, he dreams of working as a bio-engineer for his uncle's government subsidised synthetic biology company, Zintac Bio Solutions. For as long as he can remember, he has been the only stable figure in Akemi's life. Coming from a household with an alcoholic father and a mentally unstable mother, he would often have to steal food for himself and his sister to eat.

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Mitsuru is an international con man and serial womaniser. He is tall with a lean athletic build, stylish blonde hair, symmetrical features and bright yellow eyes. He uses multiple phony identities, posing as a wealthy business man, he travels the globe seeking naive and desperate rich women. He romances and charms, manipulates and convinces them to invest large sums of money into phantom companies set up by his criminal accountant cousin and accomplice, Harue. At the age of 17, he had successfully embezzled three and a half million Yen from he's mothers wealthy socialite friend and then blackmailed her into silence by threatening to reveal their affair to her friends and husband.

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Jun is a celebrity chef, restauranteur and star of the hit TV series, "The Next Head Chef". He is short with straight black hair, confident golden eyes and a flamboyant, energetic demeanour. When he is not on set, filming his TV show, he is socialising with high society types who frequent his restaurant. He often spends wild nights partying in dens of inequity with A-listers and rich socialites.
Coming from a wealthy banking family, his choice of career and lifestyle has been a major disappointment to his father, who see's him as nothing but a silly little servant boy playing games.

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JoJo is a skilful thief and aspiring magician. He is short and skinny with mischievous icy blue eyes, scruffy blue and green hair with an outspoken, cocky and entertaining demeanour. He spends his time practising his magic tricks on unsuspecting strangers while robbing them blind and then sharing his loot amongst his unconventional family. Escaping from his parents at the age of 9, he spent years living on the streets in a gang of discarded and homeless misfits like himself. Longing to find his older sister who had been adopted by a wealthy family in America, he squirrels away some of his takings into a secret travel fund to one day voyage across the ocean to reconnect with he's dearly missed sister, Ena.

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Yori is a college basketball player and adrenaline junky.
He is of medium height with an athletic build, wavy black hair fringing over his competitive hazel brown eyes and classic handsome features. In between studying and working in his uncle's supermarket and thrill-seeking with a wild gang of dare devil friends, he practice's basketball and captains his college team. Since he was born, he has been full of energy and unbridled enthusiasm. His father had been a professional ball player himself and taught him the finer points and techniques of the game. As he got older, he became aware of his dad's drug use allegations and disgraced dismissal from the league, leaving him ashamed, angry and determined to succeed.

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Tomohiro often helps his great uncle Susumu in his backyard engineering workshop. He's of medium build and size for his age with a mess of red scruffy hair, scuffed up clothes and large, curious yellow eyes. He spends the majority of his time brainstorming and assisting in the construction of usually unsuccessful inventions with his eccentric uncle whilst seemingly convincing his parents he is at school getting straight A's. A crush on a girl, makes him the target of a jealous neighbourhood bully who seeks to socially ostracise him, has pushed him into an unusual understanding and friendship with the wild cats living in his uncles junk piles towering in the backyard.

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Nao is a Ghost walker, a spirit messenger and detective of the underworld. He is a short, thin and strangely confident man with jet black hair, hypnotic blue eyes and a pale, almost sickly, bony face. He moves in the shadows out of sight collecting useful secrets from the dead to manipulate the living. As a small boy he was abandoned by his mother and father in a woodland cottage leaving him to be raised by a sympathetic poltergeist. Determined to find his parents, he navigates the spirit world searching for clues as he dies a little more every time he crosses over.

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Isamu is a surfer, prankster and high school dropout. He's of a medium muscular build with messy, sun bleached hair, mischievous emerald green eyes and a sarcastic, witty demeanour. Sharing his older brother's bachelor pad, he spends his days smoking and selling weed, surfing with friends, hooking up with girls and strolling around town with his faithful canine companion and beloved family pet, Shib. As a child, his parents owned a side show in a traveling carnival. Homeschooled by his hippy mother, his older brother, sisters and himself would spend most their days exploring new towns, making friends and surfing the many beaches on their travels.

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Hoshi is a ex-military colonel turned karate instructor for troubled youth. He is tall with rock solid muscles from head to toe. He has serious brown eyes and chestnut hair with a calm and patient face. He trains and disciplines would-be career criminals for an outreach youth service in the city. During the war he witnessed many deaths, a lot of them, young men from broken homes sent to their deaths by a cold and corrupt corporate government dictatorship. His disgust of the system, forced him to turn his back on the armed services and find a new calling, guiding and offering young and confused kids a better start in life.

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Rikuto is an Astronaut and geologist employed by the government to collect core samples from asteroids in search of rare and valuable minerals. He has a short and stocky build with a bowl of shiny blue hair and bulging pink eyes magnified from the thick lenses of his glasses.
He analyses the geological layout of asteroids to pin point the safest and less hazardous landing zones to collect surface samples to find a rare and powerful mineral for a top secret government agency.
Strong armed by military and government officials, he spends his waking moments longing to hold his wife and play with his children again while working hard to complete his mission.

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Katashi is an elite special agent employed by the rebel army master, Ginjiro Daigo. He is of medium height and build with messy greyish black hair, intense pink eyes glaring over the top of his mask with an almost supernatural and terrifying demeanour. When he's not sneaking around in the shadows, forcefully interrogating and deleting enemy soldiers, he is infiltrating enemy compounds as a spy using his many disguises to gather valuable Intel. As an orphan child, he was selected for adoption by a mysterious cabal of martial arts masters who trained him, along with others, in many styles of combat and guided meditation. After the betrayal of his previous employer, General Rikuro Chino, he now seeks to aid in overthrowing and the destruction of the current corrupt military government regime.

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Aki is a lady of the night and is bait for wealthy businessmen, corrupt politicians and connected celebrities. She is short and petite with a mop of silky red hair, bright seductive pink eyes and a soft, elegant face. She spends her time in dingy, smokey bars, luring targets to a bedroom and secretly filming the interactions for her boss, Gingiro Daigo. He uses the footage to blackmail her clients. Growing up in a large poor family, she would find ways to make money by hustling and stealing from people on the streets. After a violent altercation with a disgruntled client, she found herself in a chance encounter with a mysterious, sword wielding assassin who offered her an opportunity to take revenge on those who had destroyed her fathers business and forced her family into depravity and poverty.

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Shenji is an excommunicated priest, a vengeful and bitter manipulator who deceives sinners into doing his dirty work in return for eternal life. He is a tall thin man with snowy white hair, a pale complexion and handsome chiseled features. He has the ability to harness the power of the light and cast bolts of lightning from his finger tips. He often drinks wine and psychologically tortures his naive and unsuspecting victims. Obsessed with his past, his sole objective is to infiltrate the congregation that exiled him from the church and reign terror on those who dared to cast him out.

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Havi is a retired professional motorcycle racer turned vigilante and part time father to his disabled Son Haru. He is of medium build and height with caramel blonde hair, green eyes and sharp attractive features. He is a crafty swordsman and weapons enthusiast who spends most days mastering the physics of battle. After the abrupt ending to his riding career, he now shy's away from the spotlight living in the country. An altercation with Yakuza heavies, forcing him to retire and leaving his son paralysed from the waist down, has left him deeply wounded and consumed by pain and revenge.

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Arata is a genetically enhanced bio android, a hired assassin for loan from his creator and master, General Rokuro Chino. He is of average size and build with solid brass hands, shins and feet. He has a menacing machine like stare with a programmed sarcastic demeanour. He is a powerhouse of strength and speed that pulverisers his targets into mush and bone with his massive metal fists. Although he is aware his memories are not real, when alone, he often reminisces of helping his mother in the garden while his father, General Rokuro Chino makes furniture in the barn.

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Daku is a fallen angel and unholy influencer of injured souls. He is tall and muscular with blood red hair, long thick sharp horns protruding from his scalp and hypnotic, unbridled fiery eyes. He lures confused and damaged beings into temptation by entering their subconscious minds and calling fourth the shadows of their desires, enticing them into committing sin and signing their souls over to Satan. Cast from heaven for his lustful conduct with earthly women, he practises extreme resentment, rage and hostility toward his older brother, Saito, who's hand had forcibly removed him from the heavenly realms banishing him to hell. He seeks to cut the wings from his brother and transform him into a mortal man, so he may torment his soul for eternity.

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Saito is an Angel. He is the judge and executioner for the Creator. He is tall and solid with shiny blonde hair, serious amber eyes and giant white wings towering above. He harnesses the power of the light and casts the corrupt from heaven into purgatory to walk among man with the opportunity of redemption or he banishes them to hell for eternity depending on the severity of their sins. From the beginning of the great separation of divine beings, he had served the Creator as a most loyal subject solidifying his position as Judge. Scorned by his brother's betrayal, he watched and waited for an opportunity to cast Daku into hell. Left emotionally wounded by he's once beloved sibling, he now has no tolerance for sin and strikes vengeance with unforgiving fury putting he's judgement into question by the Creator.

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The little catboy companions

These algorithmically generated NFTs are all hand drawn, with a variety of traits. Using the smart contract capabilities on Binance Smart Chain, each layer is assembled to create up to 5000 unique NFT that is one of a kind. Holders are encouraged to make their own backstory for these adorable NFT's as these adorable helpers to the Catboys, making the invester's collection complete and unique.

Catboy Saykun Edition



Stake CatBoy Founder Edition NFTs and CatBoy Profilpictures to gain CatBoy tokens.


Buy or Sell CatBoy Founder Edition NFTs, Profile Pictures and Chibi NFTs on CatBoy's decentralized NFT open market.

Mystery Box

Open a CatBoy mysterybox with CatBoy tokens and get a Founder's Edition NFT card which you can stake afterwards.


Get through the profile pictures NFT's exclusive access to our Merchandise store where in the future many cool accessories will be waiting for you.


10% Tax on every transaction

Development/Staking Rewards

2% of all transactions will be used as redistribution funds for the staking pool.


1% of every sell will be added to liquidity to create an ever-increasing price floor.


5% of all transactions are used for marketing expenses to establish the project more globally.


2% of all transactions benefit the team. The CatBoy project is community driven project, the team will be compensated for the leadership, planning, coordination and execution.

Development Roadmap

Phase 1

New Website

New Logo

Contract Creation

Community Building

New Whitepaper

Phase 2

Profile Picture NFT Presale

Launch our token on Pancakeswap

NFT Chibis release on Dapp

NFT Trading Cards (Mystery Box)

Staking Platform

Release Marketplace

Phase 3

Bigger Community


Exclusive Catboy Merchandise

Cat Donation

Exchange Listings

Certik Audit

Longterm Vision

Play to Earn Game

CatBoy Deal Platform

Reduce Tax

Charity for solving world problem

Frequently Asked Questions

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  2. Add the Binance SmartChain Network to your wallet. Use the Instruction on the Binance Academy.
  3. Transfer $BNB to MetaMask
    Transfer $BNB to your new MetaMask wallet from your existing wallet (e.g Trust Wallet, Coinbase, or Binance), or buy $BNB directly within Metamask.
  4. Connect To Pancakeswap
    The safest place to buy $CatBoy is on Pancakeswap.
  5. Swap $BNB for $CatBoy
    Set your slippage to minimum 12-15% and enter and the amount of $BNB you would like to swap for $CatBoy.
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